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Media Rotary Joints

Media Rotary Joints

The reliable distribution of a variety of gasses or fluids from a stationary housing to rotating parts is often the key to the success of a product. Because of the vast range of requirements this can make the selection often difficult and time consuming. Inmara has many years experience in the development, selection and manufacture of rotary joints and can therefore offer help to ensure the optimum choice of product.
Standard products are available but do not always suit specific customer's needs. In close collaboration with the customer a solution is developed which often leads to new products or new standard components for general use in rotary unions or rotary systems.
 Products published on our internet pages are a selection from the complete programme of rotary joints available from Inmara. This should show the various possibilities for the user and encourage him to new solutions.

An early involvement at the design stage of a new apparatus or machine about the use of rotary joints or devices for the transfer of gasses or fluids could lead to a much better solution than fitting elements to an already advanced or finished design.

There is hardly any area of machine building that is excluded from the use of Inmara rotary systems. Rotary unions are used in machinery for:

  • Rotating table machines
  • Welding machines
Single channel
large pressures and speeds
  • Tool machinery
  • Coolant supply to
    high speed spindles
Multi channels
large pressures and speeds
  • Centrifuges
  • Coil winding machinery
  • Tunnel boring machines
  • Earth moving machines
  • Torque testing machines
  • Plastic cap moulding machines
  • Plastic bottle blowing machines
  • Wind energy machines


  • tool machinery
  • coolant supply to high speed spindles
  • centrifuge
  • coil winding machinery
  • rotating table machines
  • tunnel boring machines
  • earth moving machines
  • plastic cap moulding machines
  • plastic bottle blowing machines
  • welding machines
  • wind energy machines
  • torque testing machines