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About us

Successful Solutions
The endeavour of Inmara


We seek to achieve reliable production facilities which are a nice place to be and to work. We think of production facilities which are safe, don't require maintenance and create a stress free work environment. Therefore we find and create solutions which go beyond existing standards. We consider every aspect in order to achieve the required objectives.

Inmara Philosophy


The principles of Successful Solutions lie behind all activities of Inmara and its staff.
The company’s philosophy is to provide solutions which have a beneficial effect on society. For example technologies which help to make the work place cleaner, safer and more ergonomic to the benefit of human nature. Also processes that minimise risk, save resources and contribute to the reduction of environmental pollution.

Company history


Since its foundation in 1961 Inmara has been committed to reliable production technology and service to customers world wide. During those 40 years Inmara has built up knowledge in a systematic way which ensures that the expertise is retained within the company.