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Glass industry

Glass industry

The process of glass bottle production requires a trouble-free transport of the freshly blown articles from the production machine to the cooling lehr. INMARA develops and builds machines for this purpose.

The stacker type ES600DC was for the first time put in operation in 1996 and has undergone continuous improvements.
The machine has 3 respectively 4 servo axis (stabiliser bar), which can be programmed individually. Through this even complex stacking motions can be achieved.

INMARA is also in the process of engineering a special ware transfer type VWT600.

Coating of moulds for the glass container production is a further product segment. The goal is to reduce the pollution in the hot end area of the glass container production process. This is achieved through elimination or reduction of the conventional lubrication of the moulds on the production machine. The products are marketed under the name CERTEK.


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