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Electrical Rotary Joints

SRW (closed system with through bore)
Category of product: 
Electrical Rotary Joints
Type of product: 
System components: 
Basic version or HS system with shaft outlet or flange
Electrical basic data: 
<500V (<5000V), mA-1000A
Number of poles: 
Rotation Speed (rev./min.): 
Assembly Criteria: 

With shaft or flange
Cable, plug, clamp, plug-in adapter or cable plug output Shaft-end or through-shaft attachment

Customer specific solutions: 

Additional installation of position indicators; Rotary encoders, proximity switches, position contacts
Special housing and shaft shapes

Protection class: 
IP64 – IP67
Life expectancy: 

Depends on the conditions of use. In most cases well over 100 million circulations are achieved.


Type overview

Types Case ⌀ possible poles (about)
SRW 80 80 mm bis 36-poles
SRW 100 100 mm bis 60-poles
SRW 150 150 mm bis 80-poles
SRW 200 200 mm bis 200-poles
SRW 250 250 mm bis 250-poles
SRW 300 300 mm bis 250-poles
SRW 350 350 mm bis 250-poles
SRW 400 400 mm bis 250-poles
SRW 450 450 mm bis 250-poles


Drawings and step files are available on request


SRW100 with power, signals and bus


SRW100 with one duct air


SRW200 with connector






SRW200 with cable outlet